Alternative Medicine refers to a multidimensional view of healing that humans are not merely physical beings, but rather mental, emotional, and spiritual beings that live in a complex environmental context. Although there are many different types of alternative medicine therapies and healing techniques, some principles remain common including:

  • The human body can naturally heal itself and will stay healthy if you pay attention to your lifestyle, nutrition, emotions, thoughts, attitudes, exercise, and other factors of your overall well-being.
  • It is important to look at yourself holistically. Rather than just focusing on the physical, you should also look at the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect.
  • Physical health can be influenced by the emotional condition and state of mind of the person.
  • One’s own positive mental perspective and attitude has a strong effect on your ability to heal yourself back to the optimum health condition.

Types of Alternative Healing Methods

Alternative medicine focuses on the natural method of healing which have been effective for years. Many of the alternative healing approaches originated in the East, and later on have also become integrated into the Western culture and across the rest of the world. Some of today’s most well-known alternative medicine therapies are the following:

Bio Energy Therapies

Also called bioenergy healing, this type of therapy involves clearing and restoring the balance in the body’s energy field to improve the patient’s health. Energy therapy practitioners are experts in healing through the manipulation of the life-force energy field that each person has.


This is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy which involves the use of very thin needles to stimulate the meridian energy locations. Just like the energy therapy, acupuncture restores the natural flow of life-force energy in the patient’s body.

Reiki Healing

Originating in Japan in 1922, this alternative healing approach which was developed by the Buddhist named Mikao Usui involves the manipulation of the body’s energy field or Chi to restore homeostasis. It is only when all organ systems are working in harmony with each other can the body start to heal naturally on its own.

Herbal Medicine

As the name suggests, herbal medicine involves the use of various herbs to create remedies for health problems. For thousands of years, plants have been utilized for medicinal purposes. At present, modern medicine still uses compounds derived from plants as an integral ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs.


This alternative healing therapy involves applying pressure to special points or areas on the feet and hands of the patient using the practitioner’s fingers. In reflexology, balance and harmony is restored in the energy pathways that correlate with the different organs in the body.


This form of alternative medicine treatment focuses on the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. When misalignments in the spine’s vertebrae are fixed through physical pressure and manipulation, the nerves exiting from the spinal column will function as normal and dysfunctions in the body’s systems will be addressed.

Final Thoughts

Just like any other treatment approaches, it is important to note that while many attest to the effectiveness of these alternative healing methods, not all of these works flawlessly for everyone. Only when you try it for yourself can you be sure if it improves your health condition.

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