The internet is getting really crowded and there is a constant influx of content everyday. So amidst all the noise and intense competition, how do you actually get your target customers to read your content? One of the most important steps in writing is crafting a headline because it is the first thing that readers will see.

Most of the time, writing the headline is a neglected part of writing because some people think that it is just the cherry on top. However, the truth is that without an engaging headline, readers won’t even bother to read the body of your article. In this article, we will share with you some of the most useful tips to write a catchy headline that will get your target audience clicking and reading through your article.

1. Use numbers in your headline to provide concrete takeaways.

There is a good reason why a lot of copywriters make use of numbers when writing the headline for their writeup. It actually works.

Let’s do a simple experiment. Visit your local bookstore and go to the magazines section. Look at the front page of magazines—it doesn’t matter if it is a fitness or lifestyle magazine—you will see that many of the article headlines start with a number.

However, it is also important to remember not to overuse numbers. If your write-up has some key takeaways, feel free to use it, but if not, you don’t have to force adding a numeral.

2. Make use of emotional adjectives in order to catch your readers’ attention.

Adjectives make your writing much more interesting. More importantly, using emotional adjectives would appeal more to your target readers. Some examples of this kind of adjectives include:

  • Fun
  • Essential
  • Amazing
  • Effortless
  • Incredible
  • Strange
  • Awesome

3. Use unique rationale to show what the reader will learn by reading your article.

If you will write a list-type of post, make sure that it is 100% original. For instance, you can write:

  • Facts
  • Reasons
  • Lessons
  • Tips
  • Ideas
  • Strategies
  • Secrets
  • Methods

As much as possible, don’t use things.

4. Incorporate what, when, how, or why in your headline.

Effective trigger words are what, when, how, or why. By using how or why, you will be able to easily persuade or prompt action from your readers. In many cases, it is best to use either these words or a numeral—it is rare that it sounds great to use both.

5. Make a bold but realistic promise.

If your headline promises your readers something valuable, they will surely click on it and read your article. Are you going to teach them how to perform a new skill? Are you going to persuade them to try out something that they’ve never done before? Are you going to unlock a lesser known trick or fact?

Ensure that your headline dares your reader to check out your article. However, it is important not to over-promise and that you actually deliver what you promised.

Final Thoughts

While it is necessary for you to write an effective headline that gets your target readers clicking, you must avoid writing click-bait headlines that trick people into reading a boring article or a write-up that doesn’t offer what the headline promised to deliver.

Just as important as writing an engaging headline, you must also ensure that the article itself is worth reading. It takes some time to learn the trick of grabbing people’s attention while making sure that it accurately and honestly describes your content. But with constant practice and by following the tips shared in this article, you will eventually master the skill.


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